Artwork by Amy Gothard

Artwork by Amy Gothard

Music and the arts are a gateway to knowing ourselves; a window to the soul. This is why music is so important in the world today. This is the intention Barefoot Caravan plays with.

Knowledge of the arts belong to us all. Various forms are rooted in many nations globally which are meant to be shared with everyone.This project believes in the influence that music has in the unification of the nations.

Barefoot Caravan is a group based in BC’s Okanagan Valley who perform indigenous music in various languages. They represent the people of the world with unique, upbeat arrangements along with original compositions.  They combine root rhythms; Soca, Afro-Cuban, Gypsy and Reggae with melodic harmonies.

With their fresh 2019 single release of ‘Sacred Fire’, the Caravan travels across western Canada offering diverse and highly interactive performances. Oka, Shane Philip, Adham Shaikh, Tasman JudeBlackberry Wood and Five Alarm Funk are among some of the many artists Barefoot Caravan have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. From lively dance sets to intimate acoustic shows for various venues including, festivals, house concerts, galleries and school cultural assemblies. Barefoot Caravan have been performing for over two years and have played several hundred shows.

This project is constantly evolving, bridging community, art and people of all ages. The members offer various experiences including rhythm, dance, song-writing, music business workshops and drum making programs. They are a group who truly share the greater goal of re-connecting us all to the world we live in together.

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