Barefoot Caravan’s Freedom Arts is coming to
The Woodstove Festival Sunday November 5th  2017

 Freedom Arts at Serenity Music Festival 2016, Photo by Nils Loewen

Freedom Arts at Serenity Music Festival 2016, Photo by Nils Loewen

Barefoot Caravan’s Freedom Arts program is a creative outlet for children and youth in various schools, communities and festivals throughout BC. This program was founded in Haida Gwaii at the Edge of the World Festival in 2014 with the support of other artists like Tereza Tomek and members of Red Haven. Freedom Arts has since been brought into schools, community programs and other folk festivals by Barefoot Caravan and has grown with each new setting.

With the support of Barefoot Caravan members and guest artists, participants of all skill levels have the opportunity to learn djembe (hand drum) techniques and rhythms.

They are guided through the songwriting process as they write and perform their own songs at this year’s Woodstove Festival.

Performance Opportunities:

·       Singing
·       Dancing
·       Percussion/Drumming

Freedom Arts is a program that also encompasses various aspects of production.

Production Opportunities:

·       Set up and tear down of the stage
·       Sound engineering
·       Stage Managing
·       Hosting (MC)
·       Promotion

Freedom Arts engages participants in the facilitation of all the roles necessary to put on a great show. Each program is unique to the group dynamic, synergy and interests of the participants. As much as this program is facilitated, Freedom Arts is in fact led and directed by the participants as they design their showcase to suit their interests. 

Barefoot Caravan in partnership with the Woodstove Festival are hosting a Freedom Arts workshop along with a performance by the participants on Sunday November 5th at  the Masonic Hall, 2687 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, BC.

The Workshop Fees will offer participants a discount Weekend Wood Stove Festival pass!

9:15 -9:30    Meet & Greet
9:30 – 11:30 Freedom Arts Workshop Series (Children and Youth)
11:30-11:45 Health Break
11:45-12:00 Seating for the Performance
12:00 -12:20 Community Performance by the workshop participants with Barefoot Caravan

For further information and to register for the Freedom Arts workshop by November 1st 2017 please visit and contact Angela Roy directly at 250-212-7594 or by email

For additional information about the Festival please contact Tereza Tomek at