Our Team

Ever evolving, Barefoot Caravan is a very inclusive and collaborative project.


Angela Roy, Vocals/Percussion

Angela is the founder of Barefoot Caravan which grew from her parent company/rhythm and percussion program, Expressions. Her original introduction to music and the arts was through dance, where she performed for and choreographed several African dance troupes including Gamalie which featured Images, Dance PoetryGaia, Essence and Infinity shows. Through her travels she was introduced to percussion and hand drumming from late drum master Kossy Dom of the Ewe tribe in the Togo area. She then began Expression, teaching children root rhythms and percussion with indigenous song and chants which would later be introduced to some musicians who added music and thus began Barefoot Caravan.


(Stand-Up) Steve Gosselin, Stand-Up Bass

Steve began his musical journey at the young age of 12, when his father enrolled him into guitar lessons. After a year and a half or so, he put his musical aspirations aside to enjoy other facets of teenage life. In his first year of college he decided to pick it up again and join his first band Smiling Politely. He played guitar for several years with various bands, some of which he led, before moving to Kelowna where he co-created the band Jury, which is where he made the change from guitar to bass. A few bands and a few years later he met Angela and joined Barefoot Caravan, known at the time as Expression World Music Collective. This is where he decided to dig into the roots of music and transitioned to Stand-Up Bass which gave birth to his alias Stand-Up Steve.


Tanya Lipsomb, Vocals/Guitar

Award-winning singer/song writer, multi-instrumentalist, 3 octave vocalist, Tanya Lipscomb is THRILLED to be a part of Barefoot Caravan. From the BC interior, Lipscomb has independently released 13 albums, toured Canada coast to coast, performed hundreds of live shows and toured relentlessly. Bordering on insanity and genius, she is a genre jumping, thought-provoking, label crushing, inspirational songstress. 


Carl Raw Ross, Saxophone/Didgeridoo

Carl comes from a supportive family in B.C. At the ripe young age of 5, they gave him the opportunity of piano, music theory and later on saxophone lessons. He appreciates all the teachers and musical role models he had throughout his teen years who gave him a push into the Jazz world. By the age of 17 he got to play with the BCMEA Honour Jazz Band, performed at several jazz festivals (with school band) and the local Vernon Jazz Club. He now has his performance diploma from Selkirk College (Nelson B.C.), loves to eat raw fruits and vegetables, and loves to jazz up the lively world music of Barefoot Caravan!


Dan Loewen, Drums

Dan Loewen is a multi disciplinary artist who is playing drums with the Caravan. Coming from a family of musicians and music teachers, he learned many instruments and has been performing since age 11 with orchestras, theatre troupes, and various bands. When he is not onstage, you can find him drawing or painting, reading voraciously, or cooking something indulgent.

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Shane Ranger, Guitar

Shane ranger began playing music at the age of 7. He grew up in a family that supported his love for music and allowed him to pursue it. Once in high school he began to study music more seriously and started taking lesson with local jazz legend Neil Fraser. By the time he had graduated high school, he had already been involved in over 10 different bands playing genres including jazz, rock, funk, blues and hip hop. Since then he has been playing and performing year round, working to perfect his craft. He is very excited to be working with the fantastic musicians that are involved in Barefoot Caravan.