Freedom Arts

Barefoot Caravan’s Freedom Arts song writing and performing arts program is an inclusive, creative program designed to connect, empower and inspire children and youth to express their ideas and creativity through the process of the performing arts.

Edge of the World Festival in Haida Gwaii, 2014 - Founding Program

Edge of the World Festival in Haida Gwaii, 2014 - Founding Program

This program was founded in Haida Gwaii at the Edge of the World Festival in 2014 in collaboration with various artists from across the province. Over the past few years the Freedom Arts program has since been brought into schools, youth programs, First Nations communities, cultural societies and festivals through out BC.

The program has received sponsorships and recognition from Children First, United Way, Early Years Coalition, Youth Empowerment Actions and School Districts from Prince Rupert to Fort St James to Clear Water BC.

Serenity Festival in Clearwater, 2016  Photo by Nils Loewen

Serenity Festival in Clearwater, 2016
Photo by Nils Loewen

With the support of Barefoot Caravan members and guest artists, participants of all skill levels have the opportunity to learn and explore their creative potential!  We have co-written and performed over thirty songs with children and youth!

The song writing process is unique to each group and the songs written represent the values, ideas and intentions of the children and youth! They are guided through the songwriting process as they co-write their own song, learning about arrangements, genre and lyrical approaches.

 Performance Opportunities:

·       Singing

·       Dancing

·       Percussion/Drumming

MoM Festival in Fort St. James, 2016 Sound Engineering Team

MoM Festival in Fort St. James, 2016
Sound Engineering Team

The program includes mentoring in the areas of Stage production, all participants are involved in the program and they decide in which area they feel connected to!

Freedom Arts is a program that also encompasses various aspects of show production.

Stage Production Opportunities:

·       Sound engineering

·       Stage Managing

·       Hosting (MC)

·       Staging

Stage Performance at MoM Festival 2016

Stage Performance at MoM Festival 2016

At the final performance the participants host their very own show backed up by Barefoot Caravan band members and local guest’s artists, the community is invited to attend and celebrate the success of all the participants!

Freedom Arts engages participants in the facilitation of all the roles necessary to put on a great show. Each program is unique to the group dynamic, synergy and interests of the participants. As much as this program is facilitated, Freedom Arts is in fact led and directed by the participants as they design their showcase to suit their interests. 

Barefoot Caravan works in partnership with the school community to create and implement the program to reach the individual needs of the students and the collective needs of the school.

I would love to have a conversation with you about how we can bring a Freedom Arts program to your community. Please phone or email me (Angela Roy): 250-212-7594

The Purple Forest wrote and performed "Winter is coming to Cumberland" at the Woodstove Festival 2017 in Cumberland BC

Freedom Arts Program at Skeena Diversity Society, 2016
Strike Force Kitty and their original song "Peace and Love Within."

For more information and to book a program contact Angela Roy
250-212-7594 or by email 
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"I can not say enough about the positive outcomes that came from their time with our students. Our students improved in their sense of community within our school programs, attended school more, post workshop and stretched their view of their creative skills in music and leadership."
Caitlin Nicholson

Alternative Community Programs School District NO 57 Prince George
Center for Learning Alternatives

"Teaching songs through hands-on movement and percussion instruments with the children as well as song writing workshops that had children expressing their own creative ideas, we have been thrilled with the programming that Barefoot Caravan has offered at each of these respective events. I would recommend them to any community event or school looking to increase artistic cultural opportunities for children of all ages."
Heather Adamson
Yellow Head Community Services
Early Years Community Development Coordinator, Clearwater & Area
Success By Six